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Peerless Building - Cornish Associates
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Originally built to house The Boston Company department store (the first in the city), the Peerless Building is now comprised of four separate, internally-connected buildings with open floor plans. The first building was constructed in 1866. As the other buildings were added in 1873, 1893, and 1897, they were designed to be compatible with the original brick and stone American Renaissance style. Now, the building spans almost an entire city block in historic downtown Providence. Its 220,000 square feet is being rehabilitated for retail space on the first floor and 97 residential units on the upper levels. Developed by Cornish Associates and Keen Development Corporation, the project received a $1 million loan from the PPSRF Downcity Fund. PPSRF also assisted the project by reviewing plans during development and construction and prepared the State and Federal Historic Tax Credit applications. For more information contact Cornish Associates at, or at